Thank a Carer: Our Initiative


Thank a Carer was created with one main aim: to recognise carers for the hard work they do, every day, and to provide an opportunity for us as a community to thank the carers that we know.


How did Thank a Carer begin?

In 2017, research conducted for Carers Week found that 74% of the UK public feel that carers are not sufficiently valued by society. More recently, over 81% of people who care for someone else have said that they have felt ‘lonely or socially isolated’ due to their caring responsibilities.

It’s for this reason that Surewise.com decided to launch the Thank a Carer initiative, providing anyone and everyone the platform to nominate a carer they know for the exceptional and hard work they do every single day.


What’s the Aim?

The Carers Week research made it clear that currently in the UK, carers are not recognised for the work they do and this lack of support is making being a carer an increasingly isolated role.

The Thank a Carer initiative aims to create a community of people who can celebrate carers and show the ones they love a small token of appreciation. With time, we want to raise awareness and support for carers and provide support and a place of belonging for any carer who has at one point felt alone.

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How Does Thank a Carer Work?

We run weekly giveaways in which anyone can nominate a carer they know to win a Carer of the Week mug, a £10 supermarket voucher, a box of chocolates, and most importantly, a recognition of thanks for being a dedicated carer.

To nominate a carer you know, you simply need to like our Facebook page and fill in your nomination details including the reason you are nominating someone.

If you would like to get involved in the opportunity to give back to carers today, be sure to join the Thank a Carer community and nominate any carer you know that is more than deserving of a thank you for their service – and start giving back to those who give today.