Thank A Carer Partner With Curamcare

4 Sep , 2019 Carers News

Thank A Carer Partner With Curamcare

Thank A Carer Partner With Curamcare

Our aim with Thank A Carer is to bring awareness to the hard work carers do every single day, often alongside many other responsibilities, and to give people a platform to thank the carers they know for the work they do.

Building a community is at the heart of what we do, so we’re delighted to be connecting with other companies in the industry whose values align with our own. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve added Curamcare as a supporter of Thank A Carer.

In support of our initiative, Curamcare will be sponsoring a special monthly give away on our Facebook page, giving everyone the chance to nominate a carer (or if you’re a carer, to nominate yourself!) to win a beautiful hamper as a well-deserved treat.


Who are Curamcare?

Curamcare was founded to connect carers, both part-time or live-in, with people who pay for their own care and for those with self-directed budgets. Their fees are the lowest in the sector, charging just 12.5% compared to the standard 50% charged by most service providers, which means carers get paid more and clients budgets go further.

Curamcare’s services let you control all the decision-making because they know that the best person to choose your care is you.

All carers on the Curamcare site are responsible for the care they provide and are interviewed with two checkable references, DBS checked, as well as proof of the right to work in the UK.


Buddy system

Curamcare has also created a carer micro team system, providing carers with the ability to build team’s that can step in for one another in the case of illness, holiday, or other commitment.

With many carers feeling isolated and in need of more support, the micro team system can be a fantastic way of building a support centre around yourself.


Thank A Carer Sponsorship

We’re thrilled to be officially partnering with Curamcare, offering our followers the chance to take part in a special monthly giveaway.

Hosted on our Facebook page, we’ll be giving away a hamper worth £50 every month, giving one lucky carer a well-deserved treat to enjoy with friends and family!

Make sure you’re following our Facebook page and Curamcare’s to see when the first giveaway is announced!

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